Weather Announcements

Thursday Jan 21 - Dragons class canceled due to rain.

Rain should clear before adult class at 6:30, but we will be monitoring. If you have doubts, check back here closer to class time.

Starting Saturday January 2nd--

Kung Fu (Adults & Jr Blacks) 1:00-2:30 pm

Tai Chi (All levels) 2:30-4:00 pm

Dragons conditioning and Tigers Classes unchanged

Cold Weather Advisory- As we head into colder temperatures we will continue to hold classes outside in the parking lot. Unless it is raining, class will go on. I suggest an insulated hat, gloves, and layers (thermals, sweatshirts, hoodies, coat) that you can adjust during class.

We will post a status update here 1 hour before class when there are concerns about weather interrupting classes. If there is questionable weather in the area, check here for details.

  • If the Button on the homepage is Green, class is on.

  • If the Button on the homepage is Yellow, we are monitoring the situation. Check here for details and updates.  If it rains, class will be cancelled.

  • If the Button on the homepage is Red, class is cancelled. Please do not come to the school.

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