South Austin Tournament

Level Up Your Training with this Fun and Friendly Competition!!!




Sat., Oct. 22 - KIDS
Tigers, Dragons, and Junior Black Belts


Sun., Oct. 23 - ADULTS
Teen Black Belts & Adults


Early Registration ($45) ENDS OCTOBER 10 


Kung Fu & Tai Chi Divisions
All Belt/Sash Ranks



Compete in Forms Division, Sparring Division, or Both:

  • Kung Fu Forms: Demonstrate your coolest kata! Judges will be looking for accuracy, power, precision, and enthusiasm.

  • Kung Fu Sparring: Point Sparring. No contact for Tigers (ages 4-6). Dragons, Jr./Teen Black Belts, and Adults will be no contact to the head, light contact to the body.

  • Tai Chi Forms: Show off your most sublime form. Judges will look for unity of movement, maintenance of tai chi principles, and calm demeanor.

  • Tai Chi Push-Hands Round (Non-Competitive): Gather with other Tai Chi practitioners to expand your experience of push hands!!


HURRY!! Early Registration ENDS OCTOBER 10!!! 

(Registration Oct. 11 - Oct. 23: $55)







South Austin End of Year Celebration

Sunday 11/13
Trudy's Southstar
More details to come....