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February Events

Fri., Feb. 23, 2024: Testing @ SAKF

Sun., Feb. 25, 2024: Seminars with Grandmaster Sin


Friday February 23rd 
Upper Belt/Sash Testing Grandmaster Sin
Who: All Brown and Black Belts/Sashes cleared to Test by Master Jason
Date: Friday, February 23, 2023
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm
Kung Fu Testing starts at 6:30pm
Tai Chi Testing starts at 7:45pm (ish)
Where: South Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi
5214 Burleson Road, Ste. 211
Austin, Texas 78744

Spectators are welcome! Invite your friends and family! Come support your classmates if you're not testing!!


Related Events: 

Pre-Testing will be Feb. 12 & 13 in class

Saturday February 24th Regular Class Schedule


Sunday February 25th
Seminars with Grandmaster Sin 


10am - 12:30pm - Green City Mountain Monkey Fist - 2nd Half (Chinh Chenh San Hou Chien)

Available to all adult kung fu students and to all junior black belts.

You do not need to know the 1st half to take this form. This form is very illusive and quick. It uses gentleness and agility to overcome strong and hard attacks from your opponent.

2:30-4:30pm - 2nd Road of Praying Mantis Tai Chi

Available to all adult students (feels much closer to a kung fu praying mantis form but still very do-able by people in tai chi as well) and to all junior black belt students.

Grandmaster Sin Thé has taught a number of animal-style Tai Chi forms, including the 1st Road of Praying Mantis Tai Chi in spring 2023. This is a continuation of that trend.  The form is from the Sichuan Er Mei system and is five sections and fifty two postures long. Grandmaster Sin says that he will be teaching applications along with the movements. You do not need to have taken the 1st road to be able to take this form.

Save the Dates

April 20-21: North Austin Tournament

Sat. April 20 - Kids & Teens

Sun. April 21 - Adults


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