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Remote Kung Fu Class

Our Hybrid Remote Kung Fu Class allows you to combine training at home through our online classes and in-person classes at the school in Austin. This class is ideal for you if you have an irregular schedule, or if you live outside of Austin. Workout at home using the online resources, join us at the school when you can.

This class gives you the best of both worlds- online & in-person! 

  • Weekly workouts on zoom

  • Weekly technique class on zoom

  • Access to in-person class in Austin

  • Access to private lessons

  • Access to videos

  • Regular guidance from instructors

Each week you will be taught a tailored workout to build basic skills, increase flexibility and strength, and strengthen your endurance. You will also be guided through techniques and material for your next belt promotion.

Instructors will provide guidance on how to structure your home practice sessions, and feedback on your progress in class. Students are required to attend class in person at least once per month.

New Hybrid class starts July 10th!


Request Rates and Schedule with the button below to get information about how to try a free online class!

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